Financial appeal from the Initiative for the “Civil Action of the anti-fascist movement in the trial of Golden Dawn”

The investigative work into the case of the criminal organisation “Golden Dawn” is now nearly completed.

The entire leadership of Golden Dawn currently stands accused of directing a criminal organisation, and this investigation is associated with the murder of Pavlos Fyssas in Keratsini, as well as the attempted murders of trade unionists from PAME and Egyptian fishermen in Perama. In the upcoming period, the Judicial Council will decide on how to introduce the case to the court (the accused, criminal acts, etc).

As the Initiative for the Civil Action of the anti-fascist movement in the trial of Golden Dawn”, we had declared our view on the development of this prosecution by October 2013. Meanwhile, lawyers-members of our Initiative have been appointed as the civil action team in the case of the Egyptian fishermen, who were victims of Golden Dawn violence in June 2012. Our goal, as evidenced by our publications and initiatives, is to ensure the conviction of Golden Dawn members for all the criminal acts of which they stand accused.

We have no illusions that the judiciary will stop the criminal activity of the neo-nazis. We are aware that a court is not the most advantageous “home” for a mass antifascist movement to wage its campaign. However, the battle represented by this trial must be fought and won, even away from “home”. We know that in this process we will face the entire leadership of the neo-nazi criminal organization, which still commands multiple sources of financial support, hefty parliamentary allowances, dozens of lawyers, more than 100 employees and scientific advisors in the Parliament, etc.

Therefore, and in order to respond effectively to the requirements of this battle, we ask for the financial support of all antifascists, both collectivities and individuals, and of every democratic citizen who wants the condemnation of the neo-nazis of Golden Dawn and seeks justice for the victims of fascist and racist violence.

Financial support can be given through the bank account of the non-profit organization “DEFENCE of fascist and racist violence victims, which has been established recently with similar goals and with which we are in solidarity (account details: PIRAEUS BANK, Account No.: 5032 – 072245 – 251, in the name of «YPERASPISI«, IBAN: GR25 0172 0320 0050 3207 2245 251).

To communicate with the Initiative for the Civil Action of the anti-fascist movement in the trial of Golden Dawn”, you can e-mail:



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